Miles For Ministry

Miles For Ministry

is an attempt to draw awareness to and stir enthusiasm for these two incredible ministries. We want to build relationships with these men and their families, while encouraging them financially and prayerfully.

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Francis & Alred Habashy

Father and son, Francis and Alfred Habashy are ministers in Cairo, Egypt. They’ve been friends of mine for several years. They are in need of financial help and especially the prayers of the saints. Their financial support from American sources has been dropped by $400-$500 per month recently. They spend money just like we do, on family necessities and on kingdom efforts. Both Francis and Alfred have traveled around the Mediterranean teaching Arabs. I first met Francis in Paris, France, in 2003, and then met Alfred in Athens, Greece, in 2008. Both times each of them were away from their family and home in Cairo to preach and teach the Gospel. God uses these men to effectively communicate Christ in the Arab world. They’ve distributed numerous bibles and videos to seekers amidst daily danger. They are on Arabic radio and translate countless studies into Arabic from English. They are on the front lines of the world war we fight together against the devil and his deceitful scheming.

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Wisdom Al-Aethawi & Ty Nicol

Wissam Al-Aethawi and Ty Nicol after dinner following a weekend seminar in Noblesville, IN. Many know Wissam (videos of him can be found on YouTube; one of ours is located at from listening to him at Harding or from having him visit their congregations to speak about his conversion from Islam to Christ. Wissam left Baghdad, Iraq, and came to the United States wanting to teach others about the kingdom of Christ. He now resides in Dearborn, MI, and ministers to Muslims in the surrounding area. Watch Wissam’s videos and listen to his wonderful story. Wissam also needs financial support and our prayers. He just turned 38 on January 15th, and as a single man, he continues to build bridges for the kingdom of Christ.

“Here’s how Miles For Ministry works: Ty typically cycles about 2500 miles per year. People are committing pennies for every mile he rides, toward these ministries.

Examples are: 2.5 cents per 2500 miles = $62.50/year ($5.20/month) 5 cents X 2500 miles = $125 per year ($10.40/month)

10 cents = $250 per year ($20.80/month)

At the end of every month a total of miles cycled will be sent to you for that month. For example, “February: 200 miles cycled = $20 @10 cents/mile.” will be sent via email or Facebook. Contributors then can send a check to the Green Valley Church of Christ for “Miles For Ministries” in the memo (19005 Cumberland Rd, Noblesville, IN 46060), and the donations will be sent to the Habashys and Wissam.  A receipt with the total amount for 2017 will be sent in January 2018 for tax purposes.

If you choose to make a commitment to the Habashys and Wissam, they will receive every bit of your donations, AND know that you, personally, or you as a congregation, have been contributing. This is not a ministry exclusive to Green Valley Church of Christ. Newsletters and Updates from the ministries will also be sent to you as often as possible.

May God bless you as you consider your decision! For King Jesus, Ty Nicol”