Welcome to Green Valley

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Sunday Stream & Songs: https://green-valley.org/resources-2/youtube/

10/10-17 Family Promise Host Week

10/22 Gym Reserved

10/23 Gym Reserved 8-12p

10/27 Trunk or Treat 6:30p

11/12 Kid Coat Set-up

11/13 Kid Coat Giveaway (must be registered)

317.773.4308.  19005 Cumberland Rd. Noblesville, IN 46060 office@green-valley.org

Sundays: 9:30a Service, 10:45a Connections, 11:15a Bible Classes

Mondays: Adult Volleyball 6:30p, Teen Devotionals 7p

Tuesdays: Food Pantry 1-3p

Wednesdays: Adult Bible Class 6:30p